Quick Credit for Professionals – Business Loan

To start a business or to boost an existing business, it is sometimes necessary to contract a professional credit. Unlock funds to get started, make up for late payments, invest in equipment or in a new location …

Whatever the reasons for the demand for professional credit, there are solutions to meet the one-time cash needs of businesses. An online credit application from CreditUs Loan is a quick and easy way to find out more.

What are the different types of professional credit?


Several credits are available to deal with unforeseen expenses. We will not speak here of the payment facilities that are overdraft authorized, the cash facilities or even the revolving credit and the discount. It is not really about professional credit as such can be:

  • – credit over 3 years maximum; 
  • – credit between 3 and 7 years; 
  • – credit between 7 and 15 years old.

How much does a professional credit cost?


This will depend on the Global Effective Rate or TEG which is the rate representing the total cost of the loan: interest on the loan, loan insurance, guarantee costs and handling fees. The advertised rate is generally the rate calculated over a full year. This is the main element to compare loan proposals!

What is needed to obtain a professional credit?


To obtain a professional credit, you must provide guarantees to the lender. We will distinguish between personal guarantees and real guarantees. Personal guarantees are all the sureties that can be provided by a third party. Real collateral, on the other hand, refers to all movable property that can be pledged or real estate that can be mortgaged.

Professional credit is never guaranteed, as business loans are more risky than personal loans. CreditUs Loan has set up alternative solutions, as the first Internet platform for personal loans in Europe with its own credit institution approval.

Applying for a Single Parent Loan

Single parents often face special burdens: they are responsible for the child or children alone and often can not work at all or only work part-time.

Even with a full-time job, the single parent is missing the second income of a partner. Nevertheless, unforeseen expenses are always incurred, for example for a car repair, a new washing machine or a school trip for the child. A loan can bridge financial bottlenecks – but is it also approved?


Single parents: income is often insufficient

Single loan

The question of whether a loan is granted depends above all on the financial situation of the applicant. Single parents with low incomes therefore often struggle to obtain the commitment of a bank. If the salary plus child support and possible maintenance payments are insufficient to cover the cost of living and regularly repay the desired rate, the loan is unlikely to be granted.

However, adjustments can still be made to receive a loan anyway: Under certain circumstances, single parents may reduce the loan amount or choose a longer term to reduce the monthly repayment burden. In addition to the financial situation, the bank also checks the creditworthiness by a credit check. Who has a good value here, increases his chances of getting a loan.


Easier to loan with guarantor or second borrower

Easier to loan with guarantor or second borrower

Single parents with a high income usually do not have problems with lending, even if they live without a partner and therefore no second salary is available.

But even if the creditworthiness leaves much to be desired and the income is insufficient, single parents can get a loan: By a guarantor, for example, the own father or the mother, the bank is often convincing. A second borrower with a better credit rating, who takes over the obligations, can also ensure that the loan is approved.

And if single parents own their own property, this represents a security that also has a positive effect on the bank’s decision.

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How to quickly unlock your revolving credit?

Considered as a permanent loan, the revolving credit is renewable until the debtor and the creditor have closed it. As this is an atypical financing, this type of credit is different from conventional loans. Indeed, the allocation of credit, the repayment of the loan and even its release are quite distinct.

Revolving credit can be beneficial only if the borrower has pre-arranged the use of the loan. Otherwise, it may incur costly financial burdens without real benefits. For all these reasons, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the revolving credit before contracting it. What are the elements to know before contracting a revolving credit? How to unlock and manage it?


Before taking out a revolving credit

Before taking out a revolving credit

The study of a revolving credit offer is an essential step to measure its cost, its real contributions and its disadvantages. To have a global view of the cost of the loan, it is suggested to compare several offers of revolving credit online. This is the most effective way to judge the benefits of a given offer and to know if the loan is being allocated at a low lending rate.

In addition, the revolving credit is easy to use, the account is automatically reloaded and the debtor can benefit from an inexhaustible amount of money to manage his purchases and expenses. However, this simplified use of credit can be dangerous in the sense that it can lead to catastrophic over-indebtedness if the debtor does not follow up on his loan. Before taking out a revolving credit, negotiate the monthly payments and read the clauses of the contract as well as the terms of repayment.


Unlock and use of revolving credit

Unlock and use of revolving credit

Unlike the credit allocated, the revolving credit can be used for a variety of purposes. the borrower will not have to justify its use in order to unlock it. Indeed, it does not require tedious procedures, just a credit card to unlock the reserve. However it is in the interest of the borrower to properly manage its revolving credit to avoid additional costs.

On this fact, according to the Lagarde law, the maximum amount of revolving credit must not exceed € 75,000. The higher the amount borrowed, the longer the repayment period. If the credit is less than 3000 €, the repayment term is 36 months. Beyond this amount, the refund can be done over 60 months. It should be noted that for a loan of 1000 € or more, the lender is obliged to also offer a depreciable credit so that the borrower can choose the offer that corresponds to it.


Closing a revolving credit

Closing a revolving credit

The revolving credit is only attractive for one-time use because the interest rate increases from one year to the next. Once the amount borrowed is repaid, it is possible to cancel a revolving credit.

How to pay a revolving credit? Simply make a request for cancellation three months before the repayment deadline and pay the loan.

Consumer Credit – Loan Simulation

A consumer credit simulation allows a borrower to determine how much he can borrow. It also allows him to calculate his monthly payments and the cost of his future loan. All this is done free of charge and without commitment.

To do this, the borrower has to go to the website of the lending institution. It offers a consumer credit calculator, which can be used at any time and without limitation. The resulting calculation will be a clear indication of the borrower’s fiscal capacity.


Is the simulation of an urgent consumer credit committing?


No. Whatever the calculator used by the borrower on any site, his approach does not have an engaging character. The simulator is declined from urgent credit in a simple calculating tool to prepare in all simplicity its demand for consumer credit.

The borrower will not have any document to sign or contact information to indicate. Also, the results obtained are purely indicative and can not be held as commercial offers.

However, after having made a simulation of consumer credit without justification, the borrower can compete with credit institutions, to find the best rates. To do this, he must fill in some information, to subsequently receive several loan offers.


The consumer credit simulation tools available to the borrower


Several are consumer credit simulation tools that the borrower can use:

  • The calculator of the debt ratio. It determines how much of the borrower’s expenses are in the budget. For a consumer credit, banks can accept a debt ratio of up to 50% (against 33% for a mortgage). The borrower will have to inform his expenses and his income,
  • The calculator of the purchasing capacity. The borrower simulates the maximum amount he can borrow from a lending institution. To do this, it indicates the type of consumer credit desired (auto credit, car loan, loan without proof …), the repayment, the duration of the credit and the interest rate.
  • The APR calculator (annual percentage rate of charge). This rate includes all the costs related to the loan transaction, including the borrowing rate, the application fees and the insurance costs. It is the ultimate indicator of the cost of a loan. It is also a tool for comparing different offers of consumer credit. To do this, the borrower provides information on the borrowed capital, the duration of the loan, the interest rate, the insurance costs and the handling fees.

Credit Usage Remains Constant – Bank Loan

Financing is used regularly in more than one in three households. This ratio remains constant for the year 2018 according to the current consumer credit index. 


Personal loans at previous year’s level

Personal loans at previous year

Twice a year, the consumer credit index uses the consumer loan index to determine the probable borrowings in the coming twelve months on the basis of a representative survey. 2,000 consumer households were surveyed for the current study – 200 more than in the previous year. With a value of 111, the index for 2018 provides a stable forecast overall. Below 75 points, credit usage is declining; a value of 125 and more indicates an increasing use of credit.

The survey is conducted for different consumer sectors and compiles the respective credit index. In the categories cars, furniture and kitchens, consumer electronics, large household appliances and other acquisitions, the acquisition planning and the financing planning of the respondents are determined. This will give an overview of the trend towards borrowing in the coming months.


Increasing prognosis is relativized


The slightly positive trend from the last forecast – which stood at 126 – has not solidified. Above all, the rising forecast for large household appliances from the last report in 2017/2018 has changed from 193 points to 142.

Although this is still an upward trend for refrigerators and Corporations, it is far below the forecast of the survey from mid-2017. For furniture and kitchens, the consumer credit index has dropped significantly from 141 to 85 compared to spring 2017.

Overall, consumers are planning for 2018 a bit more subdued compared to the last survey. As in the previous year, the concrete purchase intentions are lower (98 points) than the fundamental willingness to finance (113 points).

However, the changes are unlikely to result in a significant cut in overall development – consumer credit should be used to a similar extent in 2018 as in the previous year.

Microcredit, for memorable holidays – Fast Loan

Many are the people who can not apply for a standard bank loan. They have a solution a major alternative, microcredit. This type of credit is suitable for people who are in financial difficulty.

They can be unemployed, stuck at the Bank of France or with low incomes. Also, the borrower is accompanied by a referee, both on his credit application and throughout the repayment period. Microcredit can satisfy the satisfaction of a justified need, such as the purchase of a vehicle, the payment of vocational training and other. There are some types of microcredit.


Personal microcredit

Personal loan

Personal microcredit is used to finance specific needs, which may include housing, training or return to work. It can also take into account the expenses of life accidents such as divorce, health problems, funerals or even dismissal. His main goal would be to reintegrate the borrower into society, allowing him to maintain the unity of his family.


The professional microcredit


This type of loan tends to meet the needs of micro-entrepreneurs. It can be used to facilitate the creation of businesses for people in difficulty. Its purpose is to support bundled micro-projects, without requiring guarantees. It imposes a certain solidarity between the beneficiaries. This type of loan also makes it possible to strengthen social bonds, to establish a social guarantee, to encourage borrowers to repay their loan, as agreed. Also, the beneficiaries have a personalized follow-up, proposed by the associations of insertion, in order to optimize the chance of success of the micro-activities.


Social microcredit online

Social microcredit online

Making a request for a small credit online is possible and accessible to everyone. This practice saves time in its efforts. However, the borrower must always go through making an appointment with an advisor. It should also be noted that microcredit does not fall into a loan without proof. The lender will not fail to ask for supporting documents, allowing it to analyze the situation of the borrower and secure the microcredit.

This microcredit will allow to spend unforgettable holidays with his family. Indeed, the borrowing will have the necessary budget to organize a party as it should be: meals, gifts, the purchase of new equipment, the financing of the trip of his relatives for family celebrations … In short, the holidays of end of the year will happen in the best conditions with microcredit.

Consumer Credit Loan

Since the beginning of 2018, the demand for consumer credit is on the rise. This rise is generally explained by the dynamism of the rates. Focus on the causes and consequences of this increase.

First, it should be noted that revolving credit or permanent credit is part of consumer credit, but because of the strengthening of the law in recent years, the share of these credits has declined. This has tarnished for nothing in the world the popularity of consumer credit.


Reasons for increasing the use of different types of consumer credit

consumer credit

The inflation of personal loans is the first explanation for the increase in the use of consumer credit . This year, we note that many individuals take advantage of borrowing rates that are low enough to apply for a loan, and this, in order to achieve a personal project such as the purchase of real estate equipment. You can probably notice that banks and credit organizations are lowering the margins of the rates they propose to increase their client portfolio.

Borrowing is raging in the automotive sector. Requests for credit for the purchase of a vehicle increased by 20.3% over the previous year. The favorable rates motivate the borrowers. The new standards and measures adopted by the government have something to do with it.


The consequences of the inflation of credit applications

The consequences of the inflation of credit applications

This increase in demand for consumer credit inevitably has effects on the purchasing power of households. These are automatically subject to rising prices for some products useful in everyday life. To support themselves, each household decides to resort to a request for credit …. And so on.

Borrowing money from a credit institution is a quick and easy way to solve financial problems. Some households opt for personal loans to save their resources and money. This allows them to position themselves for funding instead of using savings.

If you decide to get started, you too, if you are interested in consumer credit when you do not have time to go to a financial institution, know that you can make a personal loan online . There are indeed many sites on the Net that offer this kind of service. To find the best credit that suits your repayment possibilities, it is possible to use a credit comparator. You can then have the ideal credit rate that would match your income.