Applying for a Single Parent Loan

Single parents often face special burdens: they are responsible for the child or children alone and often can not work at all or only work part-time. Even with a full-time job, the single parent is missing the second income of a partner. Nevertheless, unforeseen expenses are always incurred, for example for a car repair, a […]

Credit Usage Remains Constant – Bank Loan

Financing is used regularly in more than one in three households. This ratio remains constant for the year 2018 according to the current consumer credit index.    Personal loans at previous year’s level Twice a year, the consumer credit index uses the consumer loan index to determine the probable borrowings in the coming twelve months […]

Consumer Credit Loan

Since the beginning of 2018, the demand for consumer credit is on the rise. This rise is generally explained by the dynamism of the rates. Focus on the causes and consequences of this increase. First, it should be noted that revolving credit or permanent credit is part of consumer credit, but because of the strengthening […]