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The US Coast Guard Navigation Center (NAVCEN) hosted a change of command ceremony on Friday at the Coast Guard’s Command, Control, Communications, Computing, Cyber ​​and Intelligence (C5I) Service Center in Alexandria, Virginia.

During the ceremony, Captain Scott Calhoun took command of the NAVCEN from Captain Michael Glander.

Captain Calhoun’s last posting was as Senior Advisor for Marine Safety and Security to the Secretary of the Department of Transport. As the Coast Guard Liaison Officer, he was responsible for coordinating policies ensuring the safety, security and resiliency of the marine transportation system. After three years at the helm of NAVCEN, Captain Glander retired after 28 years of service.

Rear Adm. John W. Mauger, the deputy commander of prevention policy at US Coast Guard headquarters in Washington, DC, presided over the ceremony.

NAVCEN provides services to improve US waterways and meet the needs of civilian GPS users. These services include:

  • Conduct maritime risk and traffic analyzes for the safety and efficiency of ports and inland waterways
  • Creation of on-demand visualization products from the Nationwide Automatic Identification System vessel archives
  • Broadcasting of navigation and GPS information via a watch 24/7 navigation information service.
  • Operation of the helpdesk for companies identification and long-term follow-up
  • Management of electronic chart portfolios for US Coast Guard units
  • Serve as the primary U.S. government interface to civilian GPS users (except aviation)
  • Receiving and coordinating investigations of GPS failure reports

Through the website anyone can contact NAVCEN to resolve navigation issues or to report a GPS failure. Further information is available on the NAVCEN website at

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